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Yoga & Klettern

14. - 21. September 2024 

16. - 22. März 2025

23. - 29 März 2025

Geyikbayiri, Türkei

Yoga Kletter Retreat: Willkommen

Welcome to a week of self-discovery, adventure, and inner peace amidst the stunning climbing rocks of Geyikbayiri, Antalya!

Yoga - Climbing - Retreat (courses will be in english)



We start the day with an energetic yoga session and end it with a gentle practice. Both 60-minute sequences are structured so that both, a yogi beginner and practiced yogi, can enjoy,as modifications are offered. 

In the morning, we focus on waking up and warming up the body for the upcoming climbing sessions. In the evening, it’s all about depth, stretching and letting go. In this way we create a wonderful balance between exertion and relaxation, helping our bodies to process what we have experienced and creating space for the new.

CLIMBING - Sunclimbing

Geyikbayiri is a pure climbing paradise!

During 4 days of climbing (with one rest day) you will learn everything you need to know about rock climbing and experience the power of the rocks yourself.  
From absolute beginners to climbers with some experience (in the hall or on the rock): Our experienced and certified guides will teach you the essentials of rock climbing and share their in-depth local knowledge with you. Sunclimbing Team
Whether it’s your first time ever climbing or your first steps outside a climbing gym, the guides will find the right climbing spot for you.

All material is included, climbing shoes can be rented on site if needed.



The Land means beautiful bungalows surrounded by great nature, to the mountains and facing the sea.

The place invites you to relax with its natural pool, a sauna, a lounge area with mountain views.

You can decide between:

- three single beds

- one double bed

- two single beds in separate rooms

All bungalows have heating/air-conditioning, a private bathroom with permanent hot water & towels, and a private terrace. 

Yoga Kletter Retreat: Services


- 6 nights in the chosen bungalow category
- Breakfast (at the camp)
- packed lunch (to take to the crag) and dinner (at the camp or in nearby restaurants) on all days
-water and fruit for the day
- Climbing course (4 days of about 3 hours each)
- Yoga classes (daily in the morning and in the evening, except on rest day)
- sauna and pool in the camp

Bungalow with zwo single beds in separate rooms

1.399,00 €

Bungalow with one double bed

1.399,00 €

Bungalow with three single bed

1.370,00 €

EARLY BIRD discount: 100€ 
(Booking till 31.12.2023)

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